Stella Komninou Arakelian

Logo Design

clean. unique. engaging.


your tale


Logo design for a production agency.

Design elements: The typeface is square and modern, giving the identity an edge. Its form works well with the shape of the film symbol, which is used within the logo itself, forming the letter "O". The shape of the letters "U" and "A" have been manipulated, so as to look the same, but flipped. Additionally, the letter "A" forms a door, with the "play" symbol as the handle, giving the impression that you are actually entering the production agency. A pop of red is used to give emphasis to the symbols and create additional visual interest.

What the logo is saying: Utopia is a place of imagination. Enter the world of UTOPIA and bring its creative side into play.


in negative space


Logo and stationery design for GMM, a funds management company.

Design elements: The logo in this case needed to accompany an already existing logo of its parent company, LLPO Law, allowing little maneuver of the design elements. The typeface was pre-determined, due to the pre-existing logo, and so were the colours. The play between positive/negative space, however, was a new element and a significant one at that, since it gave this logo additional visual interest, at the same time adding to the serious and polished style of the design.

What the logo is saying: GMM Fund Management is a serious company you can trust. It is solid enough to handle the weight of any investment and experienced enough to carry it through positive or negative times, to the best possible conclusion.

#3 Be seen

however subtle




Logo and stationery design for Nicosia Book Fest, assigned by the Press and Information Office (PIO) Cyprus.

Design elements: The logo is a re-brand for the Nicosia Book Fest. This logo was created keeping in mind the client's specific requirement that it needed to incorporate the element of nature. The Nicosia Book Festival is a yearly event that takes place outdoors, usually in a park. The tree element is, therefore, incorporated within the book to signify the connection between nature and the joyous and celebratory atmosphere that the book festival usually takes place in.

What the logo is saying: "Love books. Celebrate nature". A festival for all: grown ups and children alike.

#4 Fight

for your rights


Logo and stationery design for ASDYK, a trade union for the public sector.

Design elements: The handshake symbol is a strong element for any trade union identity, since the essence of such organisations is to achieve the best possible solution to whichever problem arises in the workplace. The work of a trade union is tough and affects both employees and empoyers. Therefore, the logo needed to be serious, more on the masculine side, in style, with clean, bold letter forms. The symbol – the handshake – was incorporated into the letter 'Y' as an added twist, at the same time accentuating the trade union's purpose.

What the logo is saying: 'Dialogue that leads to agreement for both sides is the ultimate goal, one that we will achieve'.