Stella Komninou Arakelian

Graphic Design

& Layout

it's all in the detail

#1 Poster design

that will turn heads

The CyI

The Cyprus Institute (The CyI) is a stunning scientific institution that does amazing work and has breath-taking photographs to prove it. When the images provided are original and exceptional (a combination that is so difficult to achieve), the results are always stunning. These series of posters for their PhD and Master degrees, never fail to leave me in awe of them.

Design elements: The design of the posters should not be conventional, as the work they portray is not. Therefore, I used the circle as the main element and divided photos within it to emphasise the beauty, the complexity and the variety of the work they do. The remaining elements are kept simple, but well structured, so that the photos shine.

What the project is all about: Each poster showcases photos from the work of The CyI. Some basic information is also included, along with their contact details and academic partners. The emphasis, as is evident, is on their work.

#2 Layout design

to highlight your strengths

Academic Prospectus

An Academic Prospectus is the 'face' of an academic institution to its prospective students. It needs to emphasise the institution's best assets and it must be relevant to the character of that institution. The Cyprus Institute (The CyI) is a scientific institution to be taken seriously. Equally, the design is serious, but not boring, showcasing some of The CyI's amazing work.

Design elements: The design of their academic prospectus and Annexes needed to be worthy of their academic presence and work. It contains a mixture of infographics, illustrations, photos of their impressive work and a well-structured layout design.

What the project is all about: The CyI's academic prospectus has the correct tone of voice, showcasing it as a serious academic institution, but with a modern look, hinting that they are very much in keeping with the times.

#3 Work it

Workbook layout design

Workbook design

Who says your Workbooks should be boring? A well-structured workbook should look effortless, with clean pages and ample writing space. But that doesn't mean it should look uninteresting. With good design, your audience will be diving in head first.

Design elements: This Workbook, Speech Analysis and Stir Method booklets for Michael R. Virardi's were designed to make the information both readily available and visually pleasing. Custom-made illustrations, tables and graphs were added to simplify complex content and, at the same time, enhance what was being taught.

What the project is all about: Getting your audience involved can be tricky, but not when you have good design. These booklets invite you to just grab a pencil and come join the fun.

#4 Inner calm

Layout "Om"


book design

Yoga books should be designed to express the inner peace one can find through Yoga. It should be light and airy and beautiful and calm. In this book, all of that is achieved in stylish black and white, with beautiful photos of each Yoga pose exercise. White light is sacred in Yoga, just like white space is sacred for the designer. Finding your "om" hasn't been easier.

Design elements: This Yoga book was designed to celebrate the Art of Yoga and, at the same time, remind the reader that Yoga is not just exercise, but a way of life. Graphic elements, lots of white space and pages that breathed are the main characteristics of the design of used, all working in harmony to enhance the feeling of light and beauty and to remind the reader to enjoy Yoga, life and the book, as much as possible.

What the project is all about: Yoga Pose Recipe shares Florendia's (the writer's) expertise in Yoga through the exercises portrayed, but more than that, it shares the philosophy of Yoga and the love and openness that is associated with it.