Stella Komninou Arakelian


& Illustration

creating memorable information

#1 Infographics

transforming data into image



A selection of infographics from various projects that I have done over the years for a variety of clients, national and international. All the infographics here have one thing in common. They take 'boring' data and transform it into image. Visually interesting and theme-specific, the new images serve the purpose of transferring data knowledge to the fullest.

Design elements: Data is transformed into easy-to-remember illustrations that enhance the understanding of their subject-matter. The reader's interest is ignited by the visuals, at the same time retaining the important information and ensuring that nothing is lost in matters of data credibility.

What the projects are all about: Each infographic aims to attract the reader's focus. Depending on the project and its demands/limitations, the style of the visuals can become more serious, more informal or more playful, altering the feel of the infographic to cater for the market it is intended for.

In the sample images below, you will notice that there is a huge difference in how the information is conveyed when using a simple/standard graph VS one of my custom-made infographics.

#2 Illustrations

for added visual interest


Illustrations with infographic elements for Toyota, CY. The findings of their in-house Pancyprian Employee Survey were divided into blocks of information and visually translated into illustrations to accompany and compliment them.

Design elements: All illustrations created for this project incorporated the Toyota logo either boldly, as a focal point, or subtly, as an element. This marked each and every illustration with the Toyota brand and ensured that the tailor-made character was evident throughout the work. Infographic elements were included in the form of a results scale for each finding.

What the project is all about: Each illustration hints on the content of the finding it relates to at a glance. This allows for a more creative and visually appealing alternative to the simpler approach of text-only research findings. The imagery breathes new life into the in-house results and invites the reader to read through a visually pleasing design, which in turn allows for better comprehension and recollection of data.

#3 Illustration

that will 'up' your game


Custom-made illustrations were created for an EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE card game by a certified Clinical Psychologist based in Cyprus. A collection of 50 cards with a set of emotion cards with Q&A to help you understand and explore your feelings. The set also includes exercises and is aimed at children from ages 4+, as well as adults.

Design elements: The facial expressions were hand-drawn and turned into digital illustrations, resulting in thick, luscious strokes. A soft colour was chosen for the lips and a strong pop of colour for the eyes, creating an intense look for the emotions. The typography was carefully selected so that it was clean and legible, but also beautiful to look at, working in harmony with the illustrations. The colours chosen for each group of emotions (positive, negative and neutral) bring some warmth and energy into the set of cards, making it visually appealing to both adults and children and at the same time subtly organising its contents into categories.

What the project is all about: The illustrations demonstrate the intensity of the emotion and work as the basis for the reader to recognise and connect with the emotions they are exploring. The visuals needed to be illustrated so that they would appeal to the target audience of 4+ and at the same time be relevant and appealing to an adult audience as well.

#4 Infographics

that compliment your brand



Infographics created for Michael R. Virardi are custom-made to compliment his brand and his work on public speaking. Designing infographics for a motivational speaker is challenging, as they need to keep the audience both interested and inspired.

Design elements: The illustrations that make up the Virardi infographics are as unique as the man, since they are custom-made to mimic his own distinct gestures, his way of speaking, and his stage presence. Infographics for Michael R. Virardi also include more general topics on staying inspired, being positive and achieving your goals. These demand that the variety of infographic projects stay within the same visual style and in keeping with the brand guidelines, but at the same time give a fresh take to each theme presented.

What the project is all about: The infographics/illustrations correspond to a specific audience, one that is more serious and business-minded. The infographics need to relate to this audience, but still stay fresh and modern. The grey and black colours of the brand ground the infographics firmly into the business world, while the pop of yellow keeps them looking young and contemporary. The variety of imagery used and the blend of concepts helps enhance his active social media life and pleasantly surprise his followers.

#5 Infographics

and layout design

are the perfect pair



My work for the Press and Information Office (PIO) Cyprus included both the design of an infographic as the main feature for the EU elections leaflet in 2019, as well as the layout design of the leaflet as a whole. This project was printed and reached four hundred thousand people in Cyprus, asking for their votes.

Design elements: The infographic translated numbers into illustrations that became the focal point of the leaflet and clearly outlined the benefits of the EU for Cyprus, in monetary terms. The euro takes centre stage and features throughout the infographic in imaginative ways to hammer in the notion that having a voice in the EU should be a must for the people of the Republic of Cyprus.

What the project is all about: The leaflet focuses on the monetary support from the EU and calls Cypriot citizens to action, at the upcoming euro elections. The stars of the EU flag transform into euro, thus making the latter a a clear protagonist in the infographic and a symbol for support and opportunity for Cyprus. The leaflet also informs of additional benefits that stem from the EU, in clearly laid out sections.



Custom-made illustrations and design were requested by the Press and Information Office (PIO) for a leaflet that would address the public in reference to a new local and international public health and safety concern – the new Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). This project was printed in three hundred and fifty thousand copies and reached people all over Cyprus, warning them of the new disease and guiding them which protective measures to take to stay healthy. Posters were also created with the same content. Furthermore, all local Greek and English newspapers, a total of 9, published the leaflet as part of a general effort to inform the public about COVID-19.

Design elements: The illustrations are custom-made figures that are quite neutral in appearance, but for very subtle male/female characteristics. The visuals are kept simple in order to convey the desired message clearly, without visually overpowering the reader.

What the project is all about: The leaflet focuses on providing information that explains both proactive and reactive measures to combat the Coronavirus (COVID-19), if need be. The combination of text and image ensures that the steps are clear for the reader to understand and, at the same time, visually pleasing to look at.

#6 Editorial Infographics

give life to content


Editorial Infographic for the Sunday special edition of the Phileleftheros Group. Published in both Greek and English.

Design elements: Illustrations were created to compliment the content of the article, as well as frame the information in theme-relevant sections. The infographic includes timelines and chronological events illustrated to visually compliment the narrative. Photos are also used, in combination to the illustrations to add a level of complexity and give better focus on certain parts of the article.

What the project is all about: The article speaks of health developments in Cyprus over the years and the creation of a general health system for all. The infographic shows the unfolding of events in two settings: (a) a hospital, for the health developments and (b) a road to be traveled, for the political developments. It contains illustrations that are sometimes subtle and at other times direct, in order to clearly convey the message of the article. Chronological stages are presented as numbers on doors and political phases are portrayed with a variety of visuals: a show of hands for the Parliamentary vote, an ambulance being stopped in its tracks by the resignation of the then Minister of Health and the new Minister's announcement of news that spark controversy.